About Us

Sarah Elle Home was founded in 2013, following the birth of my first child. I was looking for something to occupy my time but at the same time keep me inspired and excited. I came across a laser machine and some acrylic, and quickly decided to create Nursery Art for family and friends. The idea caught on and people from my neighborhood were asking for specialty nursery art and wall decor customized to their specifications. I was really enjoying it and it was becoming more than just a hobby. 

After a few months of working with nursery art, someone approached me and asked if I was able to make them a set of placemats for a dinner party they were hosting. The idea of placemats made of acrylic seemed interesting, so I agreed to make it happen.

Fast- forward 6 years, placemats are still my favorite piece of home decor to create. They were always our most coveted piece. It is more than just a table linen, it has become a way to share your personal style with the people you love. Sitting around a table is a very special activity, and it has become the main focus of my life and the relationships we all build through time. The ones we share our meals with, our holidays with, and our weekends with are those that make us who we are. 

I hope that Sarah Elle Home brings so much joy. May you use our placemats in good company and happiness. 

With Love,

Sarah Lati